Captain Marvel : it was his logo at the end of Avengers – Infinity War

Less than a year before its arrival in theaters with the film that is devoted to him, Captain Marvel was a remarkable entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe : thanks to its logo in the scene post-credits “Avengers – Infinity War”. Its first not flesh and bones are expected this Wednesday, march 6 in theaters in the French, then the 8 in the United States. But the real debut of Captain Marvel in the MCU took place there less than a year, thanks to the scene post-credits of Avengers – Infinity War : noting that many of the people around him were flying in the dust, to start its associated Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders), Nick Fury was just the time of tapping away on a small device before disappearing, a victim also of the now-famous snap of the fingers of Thanos, which has removed half the living beings in the universe. Carried out in plan-sequence, the scene ends precisely on this mysterious pager on which three dots will appear, and then a star framed by bands of blue and red, accompanied by a few notes of the themes of the Avengers. And that is all. To find out who is the super-heroine embodied by Brie Larson who is behind this logo, and his first encounter with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), an appointment as early as this Wednesday, march 6 in French cinemas which will broadcast the film, the latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before the long-awaited Endgame. Need to (re)see the famous scene post-credits ?

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