Dragon Ball Super : the japanese fans have chosen their actor to portray Goku in a live-action version action

What interpreter to embody Goku if a new version’s live-action “Dragon Ball” seen the light of day ? Find out what the actor has been praised by japanese fans in a survey ! D. R. What actor would you see to portray Goku in a new adaptation live du manga Dragon Ball ? This is the question that was answered 10 000 japanese fans in a survey organized by the website nippon Rankingoo . And the lucky winner is none other than Shingo Katori, idol to the land of the Rising Sun, unknown to the general public of the west. Singer, painter and also an actor, the last has the distinction of having more or less already played the character, since it was camping in effect in 2007, son Goku, the monkey king in a television adaptation of Journey to the west, the novel that inspired the creation of Dragon Ball author’s Akira Toriyama. Dragon Ball : a new adaptation of live-action is inevitable ? In second position in the survey, we find the actor Masaki Suda, one of them live adaptations of manga since it is previously appeared in the live-action film Assassination Classroom and Gintama ; recently, a survey of the same type (referred to also as the # 1 choice of the fans to embody the pirate Luffy in a cinema version of One Piece.

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