The Which Means, Folklore, And History Of The Greek Flag

The Which Means, Folklore, And History Of The Greek Flag

These flags are described in Chapter 21 (articles 2101–30) of the Naval Regulations. A jack can be flown by bigger vessels of the Hellenic Coast Guard. The origins of right now’s nationwide flag with its cross-and-stripe pattern are a matter of debate.

Η Γαλανόλευκη” or “the blue and white,” have been discovered in the nation since the Revolution in 1821, many other banners and flags have represented the Greek state from its birth to the current day. According to Album des Pavillons, the Greek jack is a blue sq. flag with a white cross all through. According to Smith , the Greek flag was intermediate blue in the 19th century, which was derived from the flag of Bavaria, the then King’s land of origin.

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The shade of blue on the prototypes was, probably, very dark hence the very dark shade of flags made in . A lighter shade of blue is used these days but nonetheless not as mild as United Nations blue. The striped flag has been in use since1822, and was approved in1832. The 9 stripes are said to stand for the 9 syllables of the Greek patriots’ motto, Ελευθερια η Θανατος , now the nationwide motto of Greece.

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Law 851/ On the national Flag, War Flags and the Distinguishing Flag of the President of the Republic, Gazette issue A-233/1978. The president’s flag is at present prescribed by Presidential Decree 274/1979. When displayed vertically, the canton should be on the left aspect of the flag from the viewpoint of the spectator. The flag can be displayed by civilians on days specified by the ministry of inside affairs, as well as in sporting occasions and other occasions of the type.

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As the king at the time, Constantine I, was made a subject marshal the previous year, the coat of arms on his flag featured a heraldic representation of the Marshal’s baton in twos, crossed behind his coat of arms. The nationwide flag of Greece consists of 9 horizontal stripes of equal width, five blue and 4 white, alternately, the primary and final stripes being blue. The upper left corner incorporates a blue sq., alongside the five stripes with a white cross inside it.

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